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The following expectations are designed to ensure that as a Back on Track Authorized Reseller, our partnership produces the necessary outcomes that we value in such partnerships.  Passion, commitment, transparency, knowledge of the brand, adherence to our retail pricing policy, and an overall commitment and respect for the customers you serve.


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Back on Track supports retailers representing a wide variety of establishments throughout North America. Brick and Mortar, Online Ecommerce, and Mobile units are the backbone to the industries we serve. Approval decisions are based on a number of factors.

Back on Track supports the health care community through a network of Veterinarians, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Physiatrists, and others who provide professional health care services. In support of these important services, we offer a traditional Retailer Program allowing approved practitioners to stock product.

Practitioner Affiliate Program providing non-stocking practitioners direct referral income when incorporated into their practice.

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